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Summer Hottest Trends
July 2019

Summer is already here and we would like to share with you the hottest trends for the season.

One of the biggest trends for this summer and next upcoming seasons is empowered and confident women. So, be free to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable.

Want to hear more about the details? This summer you have many different options: everything from comfortable tailoring, longer skirt lengths and relaxed outerwear in flattering and fluid shapes.

Moreover, it looks like the California Cool vibes: psychedelic and hippie era is coming back with its clothing. You can wear Bucket Hats, Denim Shorts with cutoffs, Hawaiian Shirts or Tank Tops.

What about Bags?

Natural colors and Lightweight Materials, Circle Shapes or Belt Bags, Oversized Straws or Small Cuties to fit only the essentials will make a perfect addition to your summer outfit.

So, the most important thing is to listen to your needs, and then dress accordingly.

New and bright
May 2019

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For the Spring/Summer 19 season we offer new collections of following brands:


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New and bright
New Bright & Colorful Trends For Spring!
March 2019

New season brings new trends, and new colors. Keep up with the new trends, offer your customers what they are seeking for.

Do you know what your shop needs for this season? - High quality, leather handbags! Unique styles, in different shapes and colors.

On you can already find SS19 collections of Italian handbag brands, including: Isabella Rhea, Anna Luchini and Roberta M.

Isabella Rhea – collection includes roomy totes, convertible cross body styles, classic shoulder bags, and stunning clutches very for special occasions.

Anna Luchini – handbags bring elegance to the everyday look. Here you can find a variety of backpacks, waist bags, top handle bags and more.

For more conservative fashionistas we recommend luxe leather bags – it can never go wrong. It’s up to you to choose classic silhouette or unusual shape.

New and bright
Must have bags for Autumn/Winter 2017
Simple leather, fur, variety of shapes and sizes
It’s time to make your wishlist
November/December 2017

On this season bag trends are quite varied. But one thing is clear – best thing you could do is to invest in luxury leather bag!

Bags come in different shapes and sizes, you can choose between oversized leather bag or tiny micro-purse. However, if you cannot decide just pair them together. These small purses work well as the lovely accessories.

Do you want to be even more original? Carry bags shaped as the geometric figures like round or box handbags. Round bags are very elegant and go well with classic outfit. When Box Bags can be fancy addition to your evening out look.

Chains, chains, chains – they can give power and boldness even to the ordinary look! If you are not fan of chain handles you can wear colorful straps that are absolutely contrasted from the body of the bag.

Going fluffy – furry bags are becoming extremely popular, especially they go well with winter coats and jackets, and this year they are trendy in all colors!

For more conservative fashionistas we recommend luxe leather bags – it can never go wrong. It’s up to you to choose classic silhouette or unusual shape.

Must have bags for Autumn/Winter 2017
Biggest Fashion Trends for Spring 2018
Biggest Fashion Trends for Spring 2018
from New-York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks
October 2017

Fashion weeks season has almost ended and the trends for next spring has been set up.

There are five biggest trends coming to shake up fashion world:

  1. FANNY PACKS – is the biggest trend for upcoming spring! It was presented by the brands like: PRADA, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, FENTY BY PUMA. You can wear Fanny Pack at your waist, over shoulder or cross-body style.
  2. MILLENNIAL PINK – is not going anywhere and will bring romantic-sweet spring as promised by MOSCHINO, LANVIN, FENDI and EMPORIO ARMANI. Even more you can now mix your pink and red clothing what was considered as a faux pas for a long time.
  3. WILD WEST – is back!!! Cowboy hats and boots, fringe leather, satin shirts, denim jackets are season’s must have.
  4. SOCKS UP - pair your sandals with attractive ankle socks and run the world! There was not a single catwalk at London fashion week without socks.
  5. BLACK & WHITE – classic never goes wrong. Those colors still are in the center of attention. Tribal graphic elements, half and half prints create balanced and elegant.
Beach bags. How to buy? How to style? Get ready for summer!
August 2017

Here are the 4 things that should qualify your choice when buying that ideal bag! (did I just use the word bag five times in a row? Sorry guys, bag does not have a synonym)

  1. It should be big enough to carry ALL what you have to take for the day (cream, drinks, snacks, magazines, towels... etc).
  2. It should be small enough to look like a had bag and not a travelling bag.
  3. It should be practical enough to be carried anywhere and everywhere.
  4. It should be fashion enough to be an accessory to your outfit and not just a tool to carry your stuff of the day.
Beach bags. How to buy? How to style? Get ready for summer!
Summer Makeup Trends to Know Now
Summer Makeup Trends to Know Now
August 2017

Why not start planning your summer makeup before the warm up? Here are some favourite fashion week looks that work in real life and are made for the steamy months ahead.

Eye Popping – for summer night out

Flush it – for hot weather, bright lips can be the perfect addition Loud Mouth – summer is not the time for overdone make-up, just add red lipstick

One for all – using the same colour on multiple parts of your face

Slick moves - no amount of mattifying lotion will stop the shine which is almost inevitable, let it glow!

Party lines – use only eyeliner and bronze powder for a sexy look

Stylish Ways to Wear a Pair of Converse Sneakers
July 2017

They’ve been around forever (since 1917, to be exact), and it’s safe to say at this point that they’re pretty much never going to go out of style - so how come it’s still so hard to figure out exactly what to wear with you trusty pairs of Converse?

It doesn’t have to be so hard. The shoe is super versatile and has been successfully worn by rappers, punks, basketball players, rebels, grungesters, and fashion lovers. They’re one of the few sneakers styles that look just as rad when they’re brand new or have years of wear and tear, and just as cool on you, your dad, and your grandpa.

Stylish Ways to Wear a Pair of Converse Sneakers
Cute Bathing Suits That Will Get You Compliments
Cute Bathing Suits That Will Get You Compliments
July 2017

This summer, we have our eye on everything from cool and unexpected styles to minimal and classic pieces that can be worn year after year. Whether you’re after a bohemian crochet swimsuit, a ruffled off-the-shoulder bikini, or a simple one-piece, there’s a style we’re sure you’ll want to throw into your suitcase. Want to see our favourite swimsuits that will get you compliments this summer?

One-piece bathing suits you'll want to wear all summer long
June 2017

Ready for some fun in the sun? It’s time to start planning your summer beach wardrobe. Whether you are going on a beach vacation, beach date, or just spending a lazy by the water, I’ve put together a long list of cute and stylish outfits that will cover any beach-based occasion. Beach outfits that are a little dressy are great for dates at the beach or beach events like a concert. Casual beach outfits are for those days when you want to go to the beach but not get into the water but you’re admiring it from afar. Then there are those beach outfits that are made up of a cute summer and maybe a cover-up.

One-piece bathing suits you'll want to wear all summer long
White sneakers to wear with all your sundresses
White sneakers to wear with all your sundresses
June 2017

This summer's not only about sandals. It might be a stereotype, but there’s definitely some truth to the idea that you can always tell an American tourist by their gleaming white sneakers. Of course, stark-white kicks are also having a big fashion moment, so it’s key to understand how to style them in modern ways Whether it’s pairing them with a simple yet chic and sophisticated gray jacket and slick white jeans or with a casual pair of distressed denim jeans and a striped shirt, there are a ton of ways to style a pair of white sneakers without looking, well, like a typical tourist.

Style Tips On How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans
May 2017

Boyfriend jeans have been trendy for the past few years, and they’re still enjoying a big moment. If you’re looking to wear something other than skinny jeans, but you still want something denim, this is the way to go. Because they’re baggy and loose, boyfriend jeans can easily look very casual and sloppy. But styled correctly, they look amazingly chic and so cool. Want to learn how to rock this look perfectly? Here are some style tips on how to wear boyfriend jeans. Maybe this will inspire me to finally buy a pair.

Style Tips On How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans
Shoes That Will Make You Wish For Holiday
Shoes That Will Make You Wish For Holiday
May 2017

From princess satin to kitschy details that give off Carmen Miranda vibes. With fashion month in full swing, we suspect certain runway items to be making their way to the streets. From Dior's future-iconic sling back to the next It-sneaker, here are pairs of shoes you'll be spotting everywhere this spring. So long snow boots, hello sandals! Summer almost has arrived and we're ready to stash the closed-toe options we've been wearing for the last few months in favour of something a little lighter. Ahead, the top six shoe trends of the season, plus our favourite options from each.

Vogue's Ultimate Shoe Guide Spring/Summer 2017
January 2017

Don’t let your footwear serve as an afterthought - next season, shoes present a crucial invitation to personality. Establishing a podium is the proliferating trend to watch: Erdem’s silk and leather flat-forms, Gucci’s clever two-in- one platforms, Balmain’sembellished offerings and Prada’s Seventies-inspired graphic numbers take us to new sartorial heights. Meanwhile, athletic-looking sandals are burgeoning (see Versace’s take on Tevas), the stiletto is still thriving (see Saint Laurent’s Eighties-throwback YSL heels) and kitten heels are enjoying the spotlight at Loewe and Dior. Step into the new season with the latest footwear news: see all the spring/summer 2017 shoe trends and styles straight from the collections below.

Vogue's Ultimate Shoe Guide Spring/Summer 2017
Ultimate Bag Guide Spring/Summer 2017
Ultimate Bag Guide Spring/Summer 2017
January 2017

The Spring/Summer 2017 shows are well underway, and we’re already compiling our arm-candy wish lists for the season. The news so far? Good things come in tiny packages: at Valentino, lipstick cases were worn on chains round the body; at Hermès similarly tiny matchboxes were strung and hung from wrists; at Chanel, bags comprised miniature robots; while Louis Vuitton went one step further on the digital trail and showcased miniature Petite Malle iPhone cases. At the other extreme sit Balenciaga’s inflated thigh-slammers and Dior’s attention-grabbing slogans, and somewhere in the middle, Céline’s snap-fastening vintage-looking lady bags. Keep up to date and see all the Spring/Summer 2017 bag trends and styles straight from the catwalks.

GREEN - Colour of the Year 2017 Inspired By Nature And Influences Design
January 2017

Greenery is not a “green with envy” hue, unlike 2013’s color of the year, Emerald, which symbolized luxury. Greenery actually taps into the opposite: minimalism. Pressman referred to a motto by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood that partly inspired Pantone to choose Greenery: “Buy less, choose well, make it last”—a concept that also influenced one of Westwood’s collections. Pressman additionally cited how companies such as H&M have started environmentally-friendly lines, often made with recycled materials.

“At New York Fashion Week, the designers were explaining how we live in this modern world where technology will always exist, but there’s this need to turn to design to go to the opposite side, to Nature,” Pressman said.

Appropriately, Greenery was especially prominent on this year’s runways, walking in various forms at Gucci, Kenzo, Bagelencia, Michael Kors, Zac Posen, and Cynthia Rowley.

GREEN - Colour of the Year 2017 Inspired By Nature And Influences Design
Summer Bag Essentials for One Day at the Beach Summer Bag Essentials for One Day at the Beach Summer Bag Essentials for One Day at the Beach
Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Handbag Trends
December 2016

Is said that the way you hold your handbag speaks much about your personality, temperament and the mood of the moment. Whether you carry your cross-body bag in front of the body thus spitting out your feeling shy or wear your tote in the crook of elbow thus declaring status and position being your priorities, the fall / winter 2016-2017 handbags have their powerful say in this sphere to maybe demolish your habitual handbag scheme and the way of holding them. Hold your handbag speaks much about your personality, temperament and the mood of the moment. Whether you carry your cross-body bag in front of the body thus spitting out your feeling shy or wear your tote in the crook of elbow thus declaring status and position being your priorities, the fall / winter 2016-2017 handbags have their powerful say in this sphere to maybe demolish your habitual handbag scheme and the way of holding them. Here there are bellow the handbags style that announce 2017.

  1. Cross-Body Bags
  2. Drawstring Reticule Styles
  3. De Rigueur Boxy Handbags
  4. One Bag Is Not Enough
  5. Furry Handbag Phase
  6. Animal Skin Handbags On the Go!
  7. Hands-Free Fanny Packs
  8. Backpacks to Hold in Hands
  9. Exquisite Minaudières Galore
  10. Day & Night Clutches and Envelope Bags
  11. Spicy Baguette Bags
  12. Handbags with Metallic Effects
  13. Half-Moon and Hobo Bags
  14. Leave It Open
  15. Bags with Swinging Tassels & Fringing
  16. Bucking up with Bucket Bags
  17. All Eyes on Straps and Handles
  18. Cowgirling with Saddle Bags
  19. Printed and Embellished Handbags
  20. Vintage Frame Handbags and Purses
  21. Trapezoid-Shaped Handbags Aplenty
  22. Hello, Matchy-Matchy!
  23. Bon Voyage Handbags
  24. Searching for Unique Colorblocks
  25. Top Handled Classic Handbags
  26. Lots of Chain Straps
  27. Velvety Handbags
  28. The Smaller, The Trendier
  29. Freaky and Eccentric Bag Designs
Adele's New Vanity Fair Cover Shoot Is Simply Stunning
November 2016

Vanity Fair just released its new December 2016 cover, starring Adele, and we're completely obsessed. The photo shoot features the singer in some of the most striking looks we've ever seen her wear, from a red gown billowing in the wind to an embellished tulle dress. (Sidenote: She would look stunning in either of these looks at the Grammys in just a few short months.)

In the accompanying interview, Adele discussed everything from her album writing strategy to her 4-year-old son, but we immediately zeroed in on her wise words about the importance of female mentors in her life. "Every day as I get older, I appreciate women more and more," she told Vanity Fair. "When you're between the ages of 15 and 19, maybe you see women as competition, as opposed to lifesavers and people that hold your hand and have experienced pretty much everything that you have. So the more women in my life the better." Amen to that.

7 Reasons to Wear a Clutch
Summer Bag Essentials for One Day at the Beach
Kenzo x HM
The collaboration we’ve all been waiting for is here
November 2016

It came, it conquered, it broke the internet.

Yep, the long-awaited collaboration between Kenzo and H&M is finally here. The Swedish mega-brand have come up with a few crowd control measures, following the hysteria caused by previous collabs, and the sleep-deprived crowd were issued with pink wristbands so that they could leave the queue and then return at an allotted time. Many eager shoppers camped overnight, essentially queuing for over eight hours to snap up the print-tastic collection.

The collaboration we’ve been eagerly waiting all summer to get our hands on is inching ever closer. This month an A-list crowd, including Lupita Nyong’o, Rosario Dawson, Chloë Sevigny, Sienna Miller and face-of the campaign Iman, assembled in New York to watch the collection come to life.

Mixing high-fashion with high-jinx, the show was creatively directed by Jean-Paul Goude, who as you may remember also shot the lively campaign. Pulsing with beat boxers, drumline dancers and a full string section, the models literally danced out onto the runway wearing the equally energetic collection.

Enjoy the collection

7 Reasons
to Wear a Clutch
October 2016
  1. They look modern: There is something about the aesthetic that screams “graphic modern fabness” to my eye, especially when the clutches are rectangular with sharp corners.
  2. They look minimal: Their strap-free integrity adds a simpler element to your outfit, which personally speaks to my minimal style.
  3. They look different: Wearing a clutch during the day makes a different type of fashion statement to the oversized handbag.
  4. They are unfussy: I’ve found carrying a clutch less fussy when they are mid-sized or smaller. Less bag equals less fuss. The fact that they are not hooked onto a body part, like a shoulder or elbow, makes me feel more carefree. And when I need both hands, I pop my clutch under my arm. That little trick works like a charm.
  5. They are kind to your neck and shoulders: I generally don’t carry bags on my shoulder or across my body because I find these styles less comfortable. Neck and shoulder pain is often the result of this type of bag style. So I clutch the straps of my satchels in one hand, or hook them into the crook of my arm. The way I already carry my satchels made carrying a daytime clutch less of a stretch.
  6. They force you to carry fewer items: I’ve pared down the contents of my handbag even further to accommodate my smaller clutches. Lighter handbags make me happy.
  7. You need a style change: Handbags are my favourite wardrobe item and very much part of my outfit. I’m enjoying how a clutch makes my daytime outfits look and feel different.

I still carry my satchels with pleasure, and prefer non-clutch handbags when I’m wearing a wool coat. Most of all I’m enjoying the change of switching out my satchels for clutches. The effect, for the moment, feels fresh.

Have I converted anyone to Team Daytime Clutch, even if it’s just over the weekend and for a short space of time? If you’re not convinced, I challenge you to road test the concept just once!

7 Reasons to Wear a Clutch
Summer Bag Essentials for One Day at the Beach
Summer Bag Essentials
for One Day at the Beach
September 2016
  • Beach Bag - Get yourself a spacious beach bag, with enough room to house bulky items such as beach games, bathers and bottles. You don’t want to be carrying an arm-full of items, particularly if you’ve a long walk to the spot you wish to settle in for the day. A waterproof bag is a very practical choice for the beach as your belongings should stay dry.
  • Sun Cream - One of the most important things to take with you for a day in the sun;
  • Water - It’s very important that you keep yourself hydrated whilst enjoying your beach day to avoid sunstroke and other related illnesses; with increased sweating in the sun, we tend to lose a lot of fluids, so it’s important to drink moderate amounts of water often to avoid getting thirsty and therefore dehydrated.
  • Towels - Taking one towel per person is ideal, as it can be quite impractical to share; if you intend to use a towel for lounging on – you might want to bring a spare for drying off after a swim.
  • Beach mat - For those travelling in a group of two or more a beach mat is a practical choice as it saves you from having to dry off on a very sandy towel.
  • Swimwear - Even if you don’t like swimming in the sea, it’s a good idea to bring appropriate swimwear with you; for sun bathing, paddling, and playing in the sand or even just to ensure your clothes don’t get messy!
  • Sun hat - A must for young children in particular; a sun hat protects delicate skin on the scalp from becoming damaged and burnt – it can also keep you cool. Choose a hat with a wide brim, so the side of your face and neck is protected too.
  • Sun glasses - Protect your eyes from UV rays and avoid squinting (which tends to lead to a headache) by packing a pair of UV protection sunglasses.
  • Umbrella - A large, fabric sun umbrella is the perfect way to shield yourselves from the sun’s rays. However well you tan, you don’t want to find yourself sat in direct sunlight for too long, particularly in the middle of the day; this can lead to sun stroke as well as severe sun burn. An umbrella is also a handy way shield from any gusty winds that might sweep across the beach.
  • Book - There’s nothing more relaxing than being able to while away the hours with your nose in a good book; but however engrossing, be sure you remember to put it down and apply sunscreen regularly!
  • Camera - For capturing all those magical moments of course!

Have a happy holiday!

to die for
August 2016

Heels they simply have the power to make a girl fly. It is really wonderful how a heel makes any beauty soo happy. In-fact many believe the higher the heels the more happy a lady would be. And therefore we present you a collection of awesome high heels that you must have.

Shoes to die for
Best Everyday Bags & Purses
Best Everyday
Bags & Purses

Every woman has one: a bag that she can leave her essentials in and grab as she goes out of the door, no thinking required. This is the everyday bag, a bag that is versatile for any situation and one that holds everything you need to go through a regular day.

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Comfi Shoulder Bags
Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are an essential for every woman's handbag wardrobe. No matter what your style is, there is sure to be plenty that fit the bill with the ever-expanding handbag market.

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Outfits for the Weekend
for the Weekend

Ever find that from Monday to Friday you're a sartorial wizard, planning outfits the night before (hey, even two days before, if you're really organised), but come the weekend it all goes to pot?

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Sandals of this Summer
of this Summer

We can bring you the best trend-hitting styles at every price point, but we can't promise you can wear them in this very instant.

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